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Insurance Coverage

We specialize in the intricate details of various insurance policies and coverage, offering timely advice and affordable solutions. Our team is adept at navigating both primary and liability-based coverage, as well as initiating or defending declaratory judgments when needed.

Property & Casualty

Our team has vast experience in dealing with property and casualty insurance sectors, from natural disasters to theft and vandalism. We've served as legal counsel for national insurance carriers, notably during Hurricane Sandy, and offer a holistic service.


We handle a wide array of subrogation matters, ranging from fires to product liability. When needed, our network of specialized witnesses aids in loss investigation and the subrogation action process.

Fraud & Special Investigations

Our expertise lies in supporting insurance companies when signs of fraudulent or dishonest activities arise. From collecting documents to formulating coverage analyses, we offer comprehensive fraud & special investigations services to mitigate risks and recover damages.

Bad Faith

In the volatile area of Bad Faith, we focus on averting adverse outcomes for insurers. With over two decades of experience, we guide insurers through claims processes and defend against bad faith lawsuits, in addition to providing educational talks on the subject.

General Liability

We deal with a multitude of general liability issues, from slip and fall incidents to intentional torts. We work closely with our clients to develop effective defense strategies, employing alternative dispute resolution methods like binding arbitration to efficiently resolve matters.

Motor Vehicle

We specialize in litigation related to motor vehicle accidents, offering robust defense in suits and arbitrations. We also provide counsel on complex insurance coverage issues related to vehicular incidents.

Family Law

We understand that family legal matters are often emotionally charged and complex. Our team offers specialized representation in child custody and visitation, child support, and post-judgment modifications. Whether you're navigating a sensitive domestic violence case or seeking to secure a restraining order, our family law attorneys in New Jersey provide experienced guidance and personalized solutions.


When a marriage ends, numerous legal and personal issues come to the fore. We specialize in all aspects of divorce, including high-asset divorce cases that necessitate a deep understanding of asset valuation and distribution. From equitable distribution of assets to alimony/spousal support, we guide our clients through every step of the divorce process.


A DUI charge can have severe implications on your life, affecting everything from your employment to your driving privileges. We offer comprehensive legal support, from advising you on your rights to representing you in court, aiming to secure the best possible outcome.

Municipal Court Violations

We represent clients facing various municipal court violations. Whether it's a traffic ticket, a speeding ticket, or any other local ordinance violation, our lawyers work tirelessly to minimize penalties and protect your rights.

Estate Planning

Planning for the future is crucial, yet often overlooked. Our team assists in comprehensive estate planning, including the drafting of wills, setting up trusts, and planning for the well-being of your loved ones after you're gone.

Appellate Practice

Our team excels in appeals involving various legal issues. We manage all aspects of the appellate procedure and have a strong track record of favorable outcomes across multiple jurisdictions.


Our team’s broad knowledge base allows us to advise and represent clients facing potential litigation from injuries, accidents, and business conflicts, to family matters. Client satisfaction remains our paramount objective in every litigation scenario.

Creditors’ Rights and Collections

When it comes to creditors’ rights and collections, our team manages all stages of debt collection, from initial demands to trial and judgment execution. We develop customized collection strategies that adhere to both state and federal laws, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

By offering comprehensive services across these varied practice areas, we aim to meet and exceed your legal needs.

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