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Municipal Court Violation Attorney in Eatontown, NJ Advocates for Clients Facing Municipal Charges in Monmouth County, Ocean County, Middlesex County, Mercer County, and Beyond

New Jersey’s municipal courts handle a wide range of minor legal matters, such as traffic tickets, municipal ordinance violations, and disorderly persons offenses. Due to the seemingly less serious nature of municipal court violations, some people may not fully appreciate the consequences of a citation or ticket. However, municipal court violations can lead to substantial fines, increased expenses, or potentially even jail time. Let a New Jersey municipal court lawyer from LaBletta & Walters LLC help you address your citation or ticket and pursue a favorable resolution of your case.

How a New Jersey Municipal Court Lawyer Can Help

Our firm was founded with the goal of providing clients with the exceptional counsel and advocacy they need when facing legal matters or disputes. We work tirelessly to help our clients achieve their objectives or desired outcomes in their cases. Our attorneys provide personalized attention and consistent communication throughout a client’s case, recognizing that our clients are essential members of our team.

If you’ve received a traffic ticket or municipal citation, don’t decide to simply pay the ticket until you’ve talked to a municipal court violation attorney in Eatontown, NJ from LaBletta & Walters LLC. Contact us for a confidential consultation to discuss your legal options for fighting your municipal citation.

How New Jersey Municipal Court Works

In New Jersey, traffic/parking tickets, municipal ordinance violations, and minor crimes are resolved in municipal court. Each municipality in New Jersey has a municipal court that hears any tickets or citations issued in the municipality. Municipal court cases are heard by a judge rather than a jury. However, you have the right to hire an attorney to represent you in a municipal court hearing; for criminal matters, you may have the right to an appointed attorney if you cannot afford one. You have the right to appeal the municipal court judge’s decision to the superior court for a new trial before a superior court judge.

Municipal Court Charges Our Firm Can Help You Resolve

At LaBletta & Walters LLC, an experienced New Jersey municipal court lawyer can help you address any citation you may have received that will be heard in municipal court. Examples of citations or tickets that municipal courts handle include:

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Why You May Want to Defend Against a Traffic Ticket, Municipal Ordinance Violation, or Misdemeanor Charge

Because the types of citations or tickets heard by municipal courts don’t seem like serious matters, people who receive municipal citations or traffic tickets may simply pay the fine or even outright ignore the citation. However, accepting the penalty imposed by a ticket or citation or failing to address your citation can have serious consequences, including increasing fines and financial penalties, loss of property rights, or even arrest and incarceration. But you may have options for addressing a citation and ticket and obtaining a favorable resolution to your case.

A municipal court violation attorney in Eatontown, NJ from LaBletta & Walters LLC can advocate on your behalf in municipal court to help you avoid the most devastating consequences of a citation or ticket, including substantial fines, increased insurance costs, and negative impacts on your credit.

Let a New Jersey Municipal Court Lawyer from LaBletta & Walters LLC Guide You Through the Municipal Court Process

While a municipal court matter may seem like a minor issue, a citation or ticket can have significant financial and legal consequences for you. You deserve experienced legal counsel to advocate for your rights and interests in court. Turn to a municipal court vioaltion attorney in Eatontown, NJ from LaBletta & Walters LLC to help you by:

  • Thoroughly investigating the facts and circumstances underlying your citation or ticket to obtain evidence we can use to build a defense
  • Sitting down with you to discuss your concerns, questions, and goals to identify case strategies tailored to your preferred objectives
  • Preparing you for what to expect in a municipal court hearing and ensuring you understnad the potential outcome to your case
  • Fighting to defend your rights and interests, including by requesting dismissal of your citation/ticket for lack of evidence or procedural violations or presenting a compelling defense to try to win your case if you choose to contest your ticket or citation

You don’t have to simply accept and pay a citation or ticket. Citations can have long-term consequences for your record. Turn to a New Jersey municipal court lawyer to help you understand your options and possible defenses you may have to a traffic ticket or municipal citation. Contact LaBletta & Walters LLC for an initial case review to learn how we can help.

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