New Brunswick Divorce Lawyer

New Brunswick Divorce LawyerNew Brunswick Divorce Lawyer

Skilled and Understanding Family Law Attorney in New Brunswick, NJ Helps Clients Navigate Divorce Proceedings Toward Favorable Outcomes in Middlesex County and Throughout New Jersey

Deciding to go through with a divorce – or facing circumstances that lead up to being served with a divorce notice – is never easy. Such situations are usually very tense and emotional. Couples undergoing or facing divorce proceedings often report feeling very overwhelmed by the entire process. The good news, however, is that irrespective of the circumstances that led up to your current situation, we are here to help. The knowledgeable New Brunswick divorce lawyer at LaBletta & Walters LLC understands how important it is to have reliable and dedicated legal representation when handling a divorce or legal separation in New Jersey.

We provide our offer clients with a detail-oriented and personalized approach that focuses on their best interests first. We aim to help you confidently make sound and well-informed legal decisions regarding your divorce and to make the entire process as quick, easy, and hassle-free as possible, so call our family law attorney in New Brunswick, NJ today for assistance with your case.

New Jersey Is a No-Fault Divorce State

Like many other states, New Jersey is a no-fault divorce state. This means you do not need a reason nor do you need to justify wanting to end your marriage. Many people refer to such cases as marriages that are irretrievably broken. For example, if you have fallen out of love with your spouse or have come to realize that the marriage will not work, there is no shame in seeking a no-fault divorce.

However, many people have other valid reasons for seeking a divorce, such as the victims of domestic violence, people whose spouses were unfaithful, or those who have suffered abandonment or other forms of harm. Even in these cases – and for other complex cases in which children are involved or there is a restraining order on the other party and you fear retaliation or consequences of some sort from them – we can help protect you and will handle every aspect of your divorce filings on your behalf with the trust and confidence you deserve.

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Details regarding the divorce process can be found with the New Jersey Courts. While these publicly available resources can potentially help you start your paperwork, please note that the courts cannot:

  • Provide legal advice
  • Advise you regarding bringing your case to court or settling out of court
  • Provide an opinion about the likely outcome of your case
  • Fight your case or argue the case facts on your behalf
  • Help you fight against or file an appeal for orders issued by a judge

That’s what our team can do for you. Contact our New Brunswick divorce lawyer today for an overall case assessment and to learn more about how we can help you get through the legal matters you face.

Cases Handled by Our Seasoned New Brunswick Divorce Lawyer

Our dedicated family law attorney in New Brunswick, NJ can help you with a wide range of legal proceedings that involve family law, such as:

  • Divorce
  • Dividing assets and property
  • Dividing debts
  • Calculating fair and equitable child and spousal support
  • Modifying court orders and/or payment agreements
  • Discreetly handling paternity issues

If you are thinking about separating from or divorcing your partner, you have a lot to consider. Our New Brunswick divorce lawyer will help by handling all of the necessary paperwork and representing you in court and in negotiations with your spouse or their attorneys. We will also provide you with detailed guidance regarding your rights and responsibilities so that you can confidently make the right legal decisions that are in line with your best interests.

Divorce Cases and Family Law Proceedings in New Brunswick, NJ

According to the New Jersey Department of Health, there were over 3,000 marriages in Middlesex County in 2021. New Jersey has one of the lowest rates of divorce in the United States, but thousands of divorce petitions are still filed throughout the state every year. If you are involved in such proceedings, you are not alone and do not underestimate the value of reliable legal counsel for your case. Our dependable family law attorney in New Brunswick, NJ will walk you through everything you need to know about your case so that you can quickly get your life back on track. Call today for a free case evaluation.

Contact Our Family Law Attorney in New Brunswick, NJ Today for Assistance with Your Divorce or Separation Proceedings

If facing or undergoing divorce proceedings was not already hard enough, there are many ways that an otherwise amicable and manageable situation can devolve into chaos and animosity between the two divorcing parties. Disputes about important matters such as child support and visitation rights are often at the center of these conflicts, so you need a tough and reliable yet understanding and facilitative legal team to help you get through all negotiations and processes while securing a positive outcome. At LaBletta & Walters LLC, we dedicatedly fight for our clients, and when you need an experienced practitioner of the law to stand up for you, we are just a call away. Contact us now for assistance with your divorce case.

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