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Although divorce is difficult for any family, couples with significant income and assets may face unique issues. Each spouse deserves their fair share of the wealth they’ve built as a family. However, disputes can arise, especially when one spouse has been the primary breadwinner or a spouse puts their career ambitions on hold to support their spouse’s educational and professional development. Let a New Jersey high-asset divorce lawyer from LaBletta & Walters LLC help you resolve the complex issues in your divorce.

We recognize that our clients need us to provide practical legal advice and advocacy in a cost-effective manner. Our legal team works tirelessly to pursue our clients’ desired outcomes, identifying legal options and preparing case strategies aimed at achieving clients’ objectives. At our firm, you can expect to receive unmatched personal attention and communication to guide you through this challenging chapter.

Don’t leave your financial interests and future to chance in a high-asset divorce. Get help from dedicated legal advocates who will fight for your rights. Contact LaBletta & Walters LLC for an initial consultation to discuss your legal options with a knowledgeable high-income divorce attorney in Eatontown, NJ.

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Issues in High Net Worth Divorces That Our Firm Can Help You Resolve

High-net-worth couples can easily get into conflicts in divorce, especially over issues such as property division, alimony/spousal support, and child support. When couples have high incomes or unique, complex assets such as business interests, they need experienced legal representation to help them work through these complicated issues. Seasoned legal counsel can help couples as they try to negotiate a divorce settlement that avoids the time and cost of a divorce trial. However, if litigating outstanding disputes is unavoidable, a New Jersey high-asset divorce lawyer from LaBletta & Walters LLC can advocate for your financial interests and future. Our firm can assist you with complex issues common in high net-worth divorces, such as:

  • Identifying the extent of the couple’s assets: This may be difficult when one spouse controls the family’s finances or makes most or all of the family’s income. High-income/assets spouses may try to hide their wealth from their other spouse in divorce, even though equitable distribution rules may entitle the other spouse to their fair share of assets that qualify as marital property.
  • Contributions to a spouse’s education or business: A spouse who forgoes their educational and professional development to support a spouse’s education or entrepreneurship may be entitled to a fair share of the couple’s net worth even if mostly obtained from the labor of the high-income spouse.
  • Pre-/post-nuptial agreements: Many high net-worth couples will have prenups or postnups in place. These agreements may determine how marital property will be divided in divorce and what kind of alimony/spousal support a lower-earning spouse may be entitled to during separation and after divorce.
  • Business agreements: Separating the portion of the value of a spouse’s business interests that qualify as marital property may be complicated when the business has other partners and operating agreements governing or restricting how ownership interests or the business’s value may be transferred.
  • Separate/commingled property: High net-worth spouses may bring significant separate property into the marriage or receive assets during the marriage that qualify as separate property, such as family gifts and inheritances. However, those assets may be commingled with marital property when used to fund the purchase or maintenance of marital property, such as real estate or business interests.

Turn to a New Jersey High Asset Divorce Lawyer from LaBletta & Walters LLC to Protect Your Rights and Interests

When a divorcing couple has substantial assets and income, issues like property division, alimony, and child support can become contentious. You and your loved ones deserve to continue enjoying the standard of living that your family’s wealth has provided. Let a high-income divorce attorney in Eatontown, NJ from LaBletta & Walters LLC help you navigate outstanding issues in your divorce by:

  • Thoroughly reviewing your family’s financial information and circumstances, including investigating for assets or income your spouse may have tried to hide
  • Explaining your rights and options to you to prepare you for what to expect in divorce
  • Reviewing pre/post-nuptial agreements or proposed property settlement agreements with respect to your rights and interests
  • Providing honest advice as you and your spouse negotiate a divorce settlement
  • Advocating for your rights and future if you need to resolve outstanding issues at trial

High-income divorces come with unique complexities. You need experienced legal counsel to protect your financial interests and future. Contact LaBletta & Walters LLC today for a confidential case evaluation to speak with a New Jersey high-asset divorce lawyer about how our firm can help you pursue a fair and favorable resolution to the economic issues in your divorce.

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