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Child Maintenance Attorney in Eatontown, NJ Ensures Children Receive Fair Support from Both Parents in Monmouth County, Ocean County, Middlesex County, Mercer County, and Beyond

After parents separate or divorce, they both have an obligation to financially support their children. In most cases, a non-custodial parent will have an obligation to make child support payments to provide the financial resources their children need. Child support obligations are based on various factors, including parents’ respective incomes and the family’s custody arrangement. A New Jersey child support lawyer from LaBletta & Walters LLC can help you ensure that your children benefit from a fair child support order.

Our attorneys have dedicated themselves to providing excellent legal representation to clients. Our extensive knowledge and experience enable us to offer practical advocacy in an efficient, effective manner. When you choose us to help you with a child support matter, you can expect to receive the personal attention you deserve and need to get through the challenges of establishing, enforcing, or modifying a child support obligation.

When you need help ensuring a fair child support arrangement that provides your children with the financial resources they need, turn to our firm to advocate for your family’s interests. Contact LaBletta & Walters LLC for a confidential case evaluation to discuss your children’s rights and options with an experienced child maintenance attorney in NJ.

Our Firm Can Help You Resolve All Kinds of Child Support Disputes

At LaBletta & Walters LLC, a New Jersey child support lawyer can help you and your family resolve all types of child support matters. Turn to us for help with:

  • Establishing a new child support order following your separation or divorce from your children’s other parent
  • Modifying an existing child support order due to changed circumstances, such as changes to your or your children’s health condition, substantial increases or decreases in your or your co-parent’s income, or loss of employment
  • Enforcing child support payments, including garnishing the obligor parent’s wages, tax refunds, lottery winnings, or Social Security benefits, seizing their property, or issuing arrest warrants
  • Terminating child support obligations when your children become emancipated
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How Is Child Support Calculated?

In New Jersey, the baseline child support amount is calculated according to the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines. The Guidelines use a formula that accounts for each parent’s total earned or imputed income and the amount of overnights that the child spends with each parent. The Guidelines have different formulas for a sole parenting arrangement (where the child spends no more than two overnights per week with the noncustodial parent) and a shared parenting arrangement (where the child spends more than two overnights per week with each parent). The Guidelines factor in the expenses each parent incurs to have their child with them overnight, including:

  • Fixed expenses such as housing costs
  • Controlled expenses like clothing, personal care products, and entertainment or miscellaneous items
  • Variable expenses within the parent’s control, including food, transportation, and certain entertainment expenses

The Guidelines also account for other expenses incurred by parents, such as the child’s healthcare expenses and child support amounts the parent makes for children from other relationships.

Parents can petition for adjustments to the Guidelines calculation based on special circumstances, such as parents equally splitting overnight time or their child having special needs. Courts may also deviate from the Guidelines for families with high-income parents as the law recognizes children’s right to benefit from their parents’ financial success.

Let a New Jersey Child Support Lawyer from LaBletta & Walters LLC Help You Enforce or Modify Your Family’s Child Support Order

Your children deserve financial support from both their parents. However, separated or divorced parents can have conflicts when one party believes they are shouldering too much of the financial burden of raising children or that their ex isn’t paying their fair share. A child maintenance attorney in Eatontown, NJ from LaBletta & Walters LLC can help you ensure your family has a fair child support arrangement that provides your children with the financial support they deserve from their parents. Let our firm advocate for your children’s interests by:

  • Helping you gather your financial information, and investigating your ex’s financial situation
  • Explaining your legal options, including discussing how the child support guidelines work and circumstances for deviating from the guidelines amount
  • Advocating for your and your children’s interests in court
  • Assisting you with enforcing a child support order if your ex fails to make payments
  • Filing motions to modify or terminate your family’s child support order if your family’s financial circumstances change or as your children grow up and become emancipated

Contact Us for a Confidential Case Evaluation to Discuss Your Options with a Child Maintenance Attorney in NJ

If you and your spouse are establishing a child support order or if you need help modifying or enforcing an existing order, a New Jersey child support lawyer from LaBletta & Walters LLC can help. Contact us today for an initial consultation to discuss how our firm can assist you and your family with resolving your child custody disputes.

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