LaBletta & Walters is a civil litigation law firm.

​It was founded with the mission of providing exceptional representation and value to our clients.  At LaBletta & Walters, we strive to achieve the desired outcome for our clients on every matter.  In pursuit of this objective, we work closely with our clients in designing action plans to resolve the complicated legal issues that they face.  Our team is relentless in executing those plans and achieving desired results.

We recognize that in today’s business environment, clients require their lawyers to provide practical advocacy in a cost-effective manner.  Our team’s deep experience allows us to achieve this goal.  We work skillfully and efficiently without compromising legal excellence.


In addition, we are always mindful of the hallmarks of our service: continuously listening to our clients’ needs as well as collaborating and communicating with our clients with the frequency that complex litigation demands. 


We believe that the personal attention we show to each of our clients is unmatched and we view each client as a valued team member.  At LaBletta & Walters, we know well that our clients are the real foundation of our firm.