Appellate Practice

We have successfully represented clients in appeals involving torts, breach of contract, negligence, indemnification agreements, insurance policies, claim for insurance bad faith, and claims for insurance coverage.  We handle all aspects of the appeal.  We have prevailed before the appellate courts in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

Fraud & Special Investigations

During the claims handling process, red flags occasionally arise which may indicate fraud or dishonesty on the part of the insured.  We have extensive experience assisting insurers in such circumstances.  On potential fraud claims, we obtain needed documents and information, investigate the loss, conduct examinations under oath, prepare coverage opinions, and provide recommendations to the insurer.  When an insured's dishonesty is discovered only after the claim has been paid, we have experience utilizing claims for statutory and common law fraud to recover the insurer's payment and other damages.

Insurance Coverage

We handle complex areas of insurance policy interpretation arising from homeowners policies, commercial property policies, comprehensive general liability policies, umbrella policies, and automobile policies.  We provide prompt and thorough coverage opinions and analysis on both first party and liability policies at a reasonable cost.  When appropriate, we initiate or defend declaratory judgment actions to determine our client's rights and obligations. 

Property & Casualty

We specialize in the defense and coverage of all aspects of property and casualty insurance, including losses to businesses, homes, automobiles, and damage to third parties.  We have handled countless property and casualty claims involving losses resulting from hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters. We represented several national insurance carriers from claims arising from Hurricane Sandy.  In addition to defending claims arising from catastrophic events, we have extensive experience with claims relating to theft, vandalism, water damage, and defective construction.


We prosecute both simple and complex cases involving fires, product liability and negligence in both federal and state courts.  When appropriate, we utilize a wide-range network of expert witnesses to help us investigate the causes of a loss and prosecute an action for subrogation.  These experts include products experts, forensic accountants, engineers, and signage experts.

Family Law

We represent individuals involved in divorce cases and family matters.  Our representation encompasses divorce, equitable distribution of property, alimony, child support, child custody, property settlement agreements, non-dissolution matters, and post-judgment modification of orders and judgments.  We also conduct seminars for individuals on the subject of divorce and related family law issues.  Additionally, our  family law articles, legal summaries and guides provide a valuable resource for clients and prospective clients alike. 

Bad Faith

Bad faith is the most explosive and dangerous area of insurance law.  Insurers can lose millions of dollars in punitive damages and attorneys' fees.  We have extensive experience in every aspect of avoiding bad faith verdicts.  We assist during the claims process to insure proper claims handling.  If a bad faith case is filed against an insurer, we have over two decades of experience fighting for insurers at every step of the process.  We have also lectured to clients, colleagues, and claims handling professionals throughout the country on insurance bad faith.

General Liability

We handle a wide variety of matters, including slips and falls, negligence, intentional torts, slander, defective construction, and wrongful use of civil proceedings.  We defend individuals, businesses, property owners, and landlords against virtually any claim.  We work hand in hand with our clients to develop the most effective strategy to defend their interests.  In addition to defending matters in court, we utilize alternative dispute resolution such as binding arbitration and intercompany arbitration to bring matters to finality quickly and to control costs for our clients.  


In addition to the wide range of practice areas described herein, our knowledge and experience allows us to advise and represent clients who are contemplating or faced with potential litigation arising out of injuries, accidents, business disputes, and family matters.  In every circumstance, achieving our client's goal is always our top priority.  

Social Security Disability

We represent clients in claims for Social Security disability benefits and Supplemental Security Income.  Our representation includes appeals from Social Security’s denial of disability and Supplemental Security Income claims.  Our representation may include but is not limited to hearings before Administrative Law Judges.  Our significant courtroom experience inures to the benefit of our clients.


Motor Vehicle

We have extensive experience handling litigation that arises from motor vehicle accidents.  Our experience includes defending insurers in suits and arbitrations arising from claims for first party benefits, underinsured and underinsured motorist benefits, and excess verdict cases.  Further, we advise clients on insurance complex coverage issues.  Additionally, we vigorously defend insureds in liability actions arising from motor vehicle accidents. 

Workers' Compensation

We represent employers, insurers and self-insureds in matters arising out of employment relationships.  Our representation includes trials before administrative law judges, hearing officers, and referees.  Our representation may continue through the appellate process.  If the circumstances warrant, we evaluate and, if appropriate, pursue subrogation to recoup losses.

Creditors’ Rights and Collections

We handle all aspect of collecting any unpaid debt, from the initial demand letter to trial and, if applicable, through execution of judgment.  We work closely with our clients to develop unique and tailored strategies to collect unpaid debts.  We ensure that any strategy implemented complies with state and federal law, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.