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What does New Jersey consider when awarding alimony?

| Jul 16, 2021 | Family Law

When your New Jersey marriage ends, you may wonder whether you are going to be able to maintain a similar lifestyle to the one you do now. You may feel especially anxious about this if you stopped working or going to school so that you could help raise your family while your spouse furthered his or her career or education.  

Per, whether you receive alimony in your divorce depends on a multitude of factors and circumstances.  

Determining whether there is a need for alimony

While your standard of living and ability to maintain it comes into play when the state decides whether to award you alimony in your divorce, other factors also undergo consideration. For example, if you now have to finance childcare expenses and you did not before your marriage ended, this may help your alimony case. You may have to turn over income statements, bills and other financial information to help the state determine your need for alimony.  

Determining how much alimony to award

There is no single, one-size-fits-all formula for determining how much alimony you might receive in New Jersey. Instead, the state may review 14 different factors to determine whether and how much alimony to award you. Some of these factors include your health, education and earning potential and those of your ex. If you have not worked in quite a while and lack the skills today’s employer’s desire, this may help you make your case for alimony.  

While these are some of New Jersey’s considerations in alimony cases, many other areas may also undergo review.  

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