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Divorce, oversharing, and the fate of your reputation

| Jun 24, 2021 | Family Law

Talking about your divorce may help you to process your emotions and find clarity about your situation. Knowing who to talk to and what to say can help you avoid the embarrassment of oversharing.  

Sensitive details of your divorce should remain confidential. Saying too much could reflect poorly on your reputation and may even compromise your settlement in some cases. 

Summarize the situation

You will undoubtedly encounter people who want to ask you questions about your divorce. Decide early on what you want to share and which details should stay private. Psychology Today suggests that you develop a divorce elevator speech. Essentially, you will summarize your situation in a few sentences. Your content will provide clarity and closure for those listening. If people inquire further, know when to stop talking.  

It may help you to write down what you plan to say. Keep your content to two or three sentences at most. Practice giving answers with confidence and poise. Your effort to keep the news of your divorce classy will help you preserve your reputation.  

Mind social media

Even if you trust yourself to talk carefully about your divorce in face-to-face conversations, keep in mind that social media communication is no different. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to vent about your divorce woes on a virtual platform. Such behavior could impact your job, influence others’ perceptions of you and harm your reputation with the court.  

Maintaining a good reputation throughout your divorce requires honesty, integrity and respect. Your communication with others and the way you discuss your divorce can do a great deal to support or harm the way people view you and your actions. Minding your language can help you protect your image which can mitigate the negative impact of divorce on your future.  

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