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What are the different types of head injuries?

| Dec 29, 2020 | Personal Injury

Falls and car accidents are both common causes of head injuries due to trauma. Traumatic head injuries can range in severity. If there is any doubt about the seriousness of a head injury, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible since an injury to the head can affect the brain. 

The effects of a head injury may depend on different factors, such as the nature of the trauma and the direction of the force. Johns Hopkins Medicine describes several of the types of head injuries that you may sustain. 

Intracranial hematoma

A traumatic head injury may cause bleeding inside your skull. When the blood has no way to drain away, it can collect and start clotting. When this occurs in the skull, it forms a mass that can put pressure on the brain. The medical term for this is an intracranial hematoma. You may have to have surgery to remove it and relieve the pressure on the brain. 

Skull fracture

Your skull exists to protect the fragile brain. It is tough and able to withstand strong impacts. Unfortunately, however, sometimes the force is too strong and the bone of the skull breaks. There are several different types of skull fractures. 

The most serious is a fracture at the base of your skull, which may occur due to a backward fall or a rear-end automobile collision. Another potentially serious type of skull fracture is a depressed fracture, which occurs when part of your skull caves in. 

The different types of head injuries are not mutually exclusive. A skull fracture may cause bleeding in your skull that leads to the formation of an intracranial hematoma. This is another reason that head injuries need immediate medical attention, so doctors can address several issues at the same time. 

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