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We have more than 35 years of combined experience assisting with legal matters surrounding insurance coverage, bad faith insurance, property damage, family law and personal injury.

Fierce Advocacy Can Alleviate Your Legal Concerns

Since the founding of LaBletta & Walters LLC, providing exceptional customer service has been a pillar of our firm. From the moment we begin working with you, we will compassionately listen to you to get a thorough understanding of your situation. Part of being a strong advocate means that we offer you full transparency as we keep you continually involved in the case. We make it a point to clearly communicate all aspects of your case to you, whether your legal matter revolves around personal injury, bad faith insurance, property damage, construction defects, family law or divorce.

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Providing High-Quality Representation To Clients In

Pennsylvania, New Jersey And New York For More Than 35 Years

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The Experience You Need For The Results You Deserve

Trying to navigate a legal case alone or without an experienced attorney can leave you feeling lost and confused. At LaBletta & Walters LLC, we have more than 35 years of combined experience fighting for our clients to achieve the best possible results.

Honest And Reliable SupportEvery Step Of The Way

Practical advocacy revolves around striving for achievable and realistic results. While we do not shy away from a challenge, we value integrity and avoid promising unrealistic expectations. With you as our client, we will treat you as an equal team member and encourage your collaboration throughout the entire process. This means that you will have an attorney prepared to battle for you in your civil litigation case in state and federal courts. Sometimes the fight is longer than you may have anticipated, but our dedication and perseverance will remain until your case is closed.

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